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Partage Montessori Teacher College

Partage Montessori Teachers College is an institution that offer Montessori training programs for individuals interested in becoming Montessori educators or practitioners. These centers provide the necessary coursework, practical experiences, and guidance to help trainees understand and apply the Montessori philosophy and methods effectively.

Our training center

OUR MISSION is to prepare teachers who trust the fantastic potential inlaid in the soul of the very 

young human being. Immersion, during their course,in Montessori kindergartens makes

them to witness the expression of such a potential.

Once convinced that a child is not an empty container to be filled with knowledge, they understand that a Montessori teacher cannot act as a common teacher but must be a SOUL DIRECTOR, able to captivate 

the mind of the child because he has learnt how to nurse his soul.


Such an attitude suppose a revolution in the way we consider Education.

The student is invited to make it come.


This course is not just about theory

Placements are organized in affiliated schools of the region:
- 3 sessions for OBSERVATION

- 3 sessions  for TEACHING PRACTICE
These assignments are part of course units.

They must have been done to qualify sitting for final examination.

The student prepares his own curriculum manuals

... which are corrected at school and become a resource guide for the rest of his career, protecting him from routine, reminding him the strict standards of the Montessori pedagogy.

The student manufactures the essential teaching materials

These materials were conceived by Maria Montessori, in order to integrate its multiple virtues andapply them efficiently.

He takes them with him when leaving the college ‘after tuitions fees are fully paid).

Our gratuates

PMTC graduates become members of the PMTC Alumni association, this association maintains communication with former students and facilitates additional professional development.

Every year, a refresher course is hosted at the Institute to provide ongoing professional development for students that have just completed their degree. 

The Montesorri training program

The training lasts 2 years. Theory lessons are alternated with practical lessons in the kindergarten, which is also housed in the school. In addition, the school has a workshop where students learn to make their own Montessori materials.

All materials made by the students are theirs to keep. When the students leave school after 2 years, they not only have a diploma, but also their own materials, which they can use immediately anywhere in Tanzania.

Meet our Team

Jacqueline Mwombeki

Jacqueline Mwombeki

Montessori Tutor  / Institute  Directress

Jacqueline obtained a Montessori preschool teacher certificate in 1994 in Dar-es-Salaam and received her 3-6 AMI diploma in 2006 in London (MMTO). She has close to 30 years of experience in early childhood care and development, serving as a fulltime volunteer for Partage, a private organization supporting children in need in north-east Tanzania. In 2007, the Hans Van Bokken Foundation helped Partage to construct and establish a Montessori centre in which Montessori teacher training courses are running by Jacqueline. Her main objective being to supply quality preschool teachers to public and private schools, as well as promoting Montessori education to the broader community. She had produced a syllabus for group activities in Montessori classroom and more other writeups.

Promotion 2020

Promotion 2020 Partage-Montessori teachers College

The building land for the school was donated to Partage by the municipality of Bukoba.

The site is located on Jamhuri Road, the main street of Bukoba, right in front of City Hall. 

What students and teachers say

“Teachers are the glue that holds it all together. By equipping them with the skills they need, you help millions of children benefit from a better education to succeed and build a brighter future. I have started spreading the word about your wonderful teacher training center. THANK YOU ! ”

— Maria  - Student

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