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Montesorri Tanzania Newspaper

Montessori for all !
With Partage Tanzania

Within the frame of work of our humanitarian mission, we have recently taken the initiative (and the financial risk!) to publish, nation-wide, a twice monthly newspaper :

MONTESSORI TANZANIA, addressing the urgent need to rethink Education.


Not only formal education but also environmental, civic, moral and spiritual ones.

The evident failures and cracks in our system, acknowledged at all levels of our societies around the world, are worrying parents, teachers, community and youth leaders. We thought that a simple and humble media, driven by Maria Montessori approach and philosophy, could connect such people and encourage them in their quest of reaction... in their quest of re-linking our nation to its ancestral values...


It is said that readers are scarce in Tanzania. Is it so, or is it that literature addressing their interest is scarce?

MONTESSORI TANZANIA has got a slow start but will improve with experience and will evolve from newspaper to magazine format. 


We have to sustain “jitihada yetu”, (our endeavour in Kiswahili)... And this, for one main reason: WE HAVE FAITH IN IT!

Jacqueline Mwombeki Newspaper Publisher

Jacqueline Mwombeki


Montessori Tanzania Newspaper
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