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Our Story

Where it all started ...

Since it’s beginning (1992) PARTAGE TANZANIA, charitable NGO dealing with orphans and community development, is deeply concerned by the pre-school education of children and has established kindergartens, practicing the International Montessori Method.


To maintain the renewal of the necessary teaching staff in its 15 kindergartens of Bukoba and Missenyi district, Partage has capacitated Form IV leavers to deliver the Montessori Method after a 2 years course (at no cost for them).


After 15 years, in 2007, a foreign sponsor Hans van Bokkem offered a building to run this course in better conditions.

In 2012, the outstanding results obtained by the children in classes using the genuine Montessori Method triggered a demand from the general public and private institutions to open this teacher’s course to outsiders.


With the support of regional authorities, Partage Montessori presented its curriculum as a pilot- project and applied for registration.

Processing took time; but, during all the time it took,Partage cooperated actively with the Ministry to exchange knowledge an elaborate extensively on Montessori’s curriculum.


This cooperation has bared a deserved fruit: Partage Montessori Teachers College, initiated as a pilot-project, is now registered.

The core-subjects consist in three theories and six parts of essential activities. It may seem heavy to learn but covering them all is a condition for a true and efficient Montessori teaching.

May 2019. Philippe Krynen

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