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Partage Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergarten is an educational program for children typically between the ages of three to six years old. It is based on the principles and methods developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator.

In a Montessori Kindergarten, the learning environment is carefully prepared to foster independence, self-discovery, and a love for learning. The classroom is often filled with Montessori materials and activities that are designed to engage children in hands-on, sensorial exploration.

Our School

The site is located on Jamhuri Road, the main street of Bukoba, right in front of City Hall. 

Montessori Kindergartens aim to create a supportive and enriching environment where children can develop independence, critical thinking skills, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning. The Montessori approach values the natural curiosity and inner motivation of children, allowing them to become active participants in their own education.

What Parents and Children Say

When I was still teaching 3-6 year old class, I use to illustrate for  the children, with little stories,  the work and the discoveries that Maria Montessori did for them! 
One day, I had put on the mat the basket of geometry solids to connect the ideas  I was talking about. 
While listening attentively, a boy of about 5 broke the silence and suggested; “Even my children, will come to learn in “this” school!” All children turned to look at him. And, another one added, “me too!” Then, we continued with our story…...

— Jaqueline Mwombeki

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